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Investment in commercial property requires a wide range of skills in financing, acquisition, management and disposal. To succeed you have to be excellent in every single element of investment.

Commercial Property

We have managed six commercial property funds and acquired over £150mn of commercial property. All commercial properties that we have acquired had existing rental income. The majority of properties were acquired because they had opportunities to increase their value through asset management initiatives such as improving the property itself, increasing rents, filling empty spaces and re-gearing leases. 

We have invested in retail, office and industrial properties. The majority of the property was located throughout UK. We have also acquired property in Sweden and Germany.

Our approach to investing is characterised by market knowledge, detailed due diligence and financial modelling. We identify the best local agents and property managers and work closely with them to maximise the value of each asset.


"We acquire income producing properties, having identified ways to enhance their value through active management."

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