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Sensible investment in good quality residential property provides prospects for excellent long term returns with little risk to capital. Whilst prices may fluctuate in the short term, demand is greater than supply.


Residential Property

We began investing in London residential property in 1999. Our original company Residential Property Investment Management has now become part of COBA.  We understand residential property in London, we have excellent access to opportunities and we have a range of proven strategies that we employ.

We focus on London because it has consistently out performed all other parts of the UK and we anticipate that this trend will continue.

We invest for long term income and capital growth.  We also develop property in the most expensive areas of London. 

As with commercial property, our approach to investment is characterised by market knowledge, detailed due diligence and strong management capabilities.

"We buy residential property in London to generate specific, identifiable investment returns, not because we like the flooring or the colour of the walls"

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